GrandBridge Energy Warns Customers of New Telephone Scam

May 10, 2024

GrandBridge Energy is warning its customers to beware and exercise caution if they receive suspicious phone calls from individuals about overdue payments, deposits and smart meter fees.

Recently, scammers have copied GrandBridge Energy’s telephone recording to mislead customers into thinking it is GrandBridge Energy calling. Customers will be asked to provide personal and account details if they answer the original scam call. Please remember that if GrandBridge Energy is calling, the utility already has this information on file and won’t ask you to provide it.

At the same time, customers are being directed to call an unknown 1-800 number. Please remember only to call the GrandBridge Energy phone numbers as shown on the customers’ bill and the corporate website 1-877-871-2215, 519-621-3530 or 519-751-3522.

Reminders and Safety Tips to Avoid Scams
If you receive a suspicious solicitation by telephone, email or in person, please be aware of the following:

  • GrandBridge Energy does not contact customers after regular business hours or on the weekend regarding the status of an account.
  • GrandBridge Energy will never threaten immediate disconnection for non-payment or direct customers to make payments at local convenience stores or use gift cards.
  • GrandBridge Energy will not ask you for your account or credit card numbers.
  • The utility does not offer services or rebates at the customer’s door.
  • Do not provide callers or people who come to your door with any personal information, a copy of your GrandBridge Energy bill or details about your account.
  • Collect as much information as possible about the suspicious individual, including phone numbers.
  • Do not let strangers in your home who claim to need to inspect equipment or assess energy/water efficiency rebates.
  • If you feel threatened in any way, contact your local police.

As part of its regular business procedure regulated by the Ontario Energy Board, GrandBridge Energy provides a friendly reminder call and multiple notices before service is disconnected. The utility always hand delivers a Final Notice to the service address before any disconnection occurs.

Customers are asked to report any suspicious activity to GrandBridge Energy’s Customer Service team by calling the utility directly during regular business hours at 519-751-3522, 519-621-3530 or 1-877-871-2215