View Our Outage Map

There are several reasons you may experience a power outage, including weather, unforeseen equipment failure, unintended animal or tree contact or motor vehicle accidents.

All GrandBridge Energy customers can access consistent, timely, 24/7 updates on the locations of all planned and unplanned outages, including causes and restoration status on our mobile-friendly Outage Map

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes from the time of the outage until the system updates the Outage Map – so when looking at the Outage Map, please give it a few minutes from the start of the outage until it registers on the map. The map will update once new information is known. For privacy, only outages affecting more than 3 customers will display.

How to Report a Power Outage

Call the 24/7 Toll-Free Outage Info Line

To report an outage not already showing on the Outage Map, call the toll-free 24-Hour Outage Info Line at 1-833-769-3701.

If you don’t see the outage on the Outage Map after 15 minutes, please call the Outage Info Line to report it. Your real-time call will trigger GrandBridge Energy to investigate and dispatch crews if necessary.