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Bridging the Way to the Energy Future

GrandBridge Energy is guided by a vision to be a leader in energy transformation and driven by a mission to bridge communities to the energy future. Our values are the principles and beliefs that guide our operations. GrandBridge Energy’s Vision, Mission and Values are supported by a Five-Year Strategic Plan.

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I am located in the City of Brantford.

I’d like to pay a bill, set up a new account or learn about additional self-service options.

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For the Brantford area


519-751-3522    |    1-877-871-2215


I am located in Cambridge, Brant County, or North Dumfries.

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Merger Benefits

Brantford Power Inc. and Energy+ Inc. officially merged to form GrandBridge Energy Inc. on May 2, 2022 resulting in benefits for customers and communities.

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Stable and competitive distribution rates along with a continued local presence.

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Strengthened customer response, with 24/7 control room capabilities across the entire service area.

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Enhanced opportunities for innovative service solutions for customers and local businesses.