GrandBridge Energy is Measuring Public Awareness of Electrical Safety

February 6, 2024

GrandBridge Energy is conducting a telephone survey and offering an online safety quiz to measure Public Awareness of Electrical Safety within the local utility’s service territory.

Starting in February and continuing through March, UtilityPULSE, an opinion research firm, will randomly contact members of the public (18 years and older) on behalf of GrandBridge Energy by telephone to assess the public’s understanding of how to stay safe around electricity and electrical equipment.

The telephone survey will take approximately five (5) minutes to complete and will gauge participants’ knowledge of safety topics related to powerlines, tampering with green transformer equipment, and other electrical hazards. Persons participating in the survey or the quiz won’t be asked to provide identifying details, such as phone numbers, home addresses, or credit card and banking information, however some basic demographic information is required. Customers are reminded to always beware of fraudulent calls and never release their account number or financial information to unknown callers.  

Complete the Online Safety Survey/Quiz

Electrical safety is everyone’s responsibility. An interactive and fun online electrical safety quiz is also available at and open to anyone in the local community who is interested in learning more about staying safe around electricity.

If you have children, talk to them about six overhead and underground powerline hazards lurking in your neighbourhood. You could even complete the online quiz with the kids and use it as a teaching moment.

Why We Conduct This Survey?

The Ontario Energy Board requires GrandBridge Energy to undertake the Public Awareness of Electrical Safety Survey every two years. The results of the study will be included in the Utility Scorecard. Most importantly, it will help GrandBridge Energy shape its electrical safety education program and help keep community members safe from electrical hazards.

If you have any questions regarding the telephone or online survey, please contact us at 1-877-871-2215 or by email at [email protected]

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